Siem Group, Bygg nr. 93 ved Fosen Yard, RoPax "Honfleur"

Hello, thank you! I see there that the destination is Kråkvågfjorden. another test drive?
well, i guess thats the place the booked pilot leave. From there, the vessel can shoose to sail outside the coast and avoid the cost of pilots.
On Friday, the president of Polferries gave an interview where he admitted that the company is in the final stages of acquiring a new LNG ferry. A contract will be drawn up to 2 weeks and then Polferries will tell you about the details. Perhaps he is referring to Honfleur
It has been confirm for five-six weeks ago now that "Honfleur" will sail for Polferries...
What do you mean with "...cruiseferry partially built in Norway?"?

Most larger vessels built in Norway is partly build here as hull is coming from abroad.

If you looking at cruiseferries, you don't need to look further than Fosen Yard itself that partly built "Stavangerfjord" in 2013 and "Bergensfjord" in 2014 with hull from Stocznia Gdansk S.A. in Poland

If you are thinking about cruiseferry originally ordered and built at foreing yards, then taken to Norway for final completion, then there is not any if any at all?
Honfleur is already in Gdynia, but its destiny is still unclear. Polferries this week in an interview with one of the industry sea portals in Poland, deny it that Honfleur will be ever bought or chartered by Polferries
According to Polska Żegluga Bałtycka's spokesman, confirmed that the Honfleur ferry "is not chartered or operated by PŻB".
Maybe Brittany Ferries will make a surprise move and charter her for use between Portsmouth-Caen? With a gas powered E-flexer on the horizon, it makes sense to make the route all-LNG, having already invested in purpose-built gas canisters. Besides, Honfleur still has the gas cylinder cranes at the rear.
Looks like the deal with PolFerries fell throught, Siem is now looking into some other possibility for the ferry instead....
Kan ikke noen på Vestlandet starte pengeinnsamling for å kjøpe henne inn og gjenopprette båtruta mellom Bergen/Stavanger og Newcastle? :p
Honfleur - the never ending story ?
In meantime this is really "not funny anymore"... .
This ferry was ordered by Brittany in 2017 - and now 5 (!) years later it is already august 2022, the european main-season is soon finished and there is still no future to see on the horizont for the "new" ferry Honfleur... .

Maybe SIEM has wrong calculated ???
To give the order for the completation of the ferry to a wellknown norwegian yard means maritime competence, technical knowledge, good quality etc. - but Norway is one of the 3 or 4 most expensive countries of worldwide 200... .
So the ferry is now finished, (i hope) in good condition, nice inside looking also and ready for use but the result is now a much higher price also for to buy the Honfleur than the original contracted low price of the FSG (Flensburg-Yard). ((FSG was known for to offer the cheapest european prices for big ferry-newbuildings - just for to get the order))

And nearly all big european ferry companies has already ordered (or get delivered) much cheaper new ferries from chinese yards.
Normally the Honfleur would be a good ferry for a number of ferry-companies which also need urgent one more newbuilding - but who want to pay now - maybe 20, 30 or 40% (my private speculation !) more money than for a similar chinese Ropax-newbuilding ?

Polferries, Unity Line, P+O, Finnlines, Tallink-Silja, Viking Line and Eckerö Line (and also Color- and Fjord-Line and Holland-Norway-Line) are definitely not interested.
Stena will not buy a ferry now for a much higher price than the 12 very cheap E-Flexer - just for remember, the first chartered E-Flexer will Stena already get back from Brittany in 2029.
TT Line could urgent need one new ferry more, had often big technical problems with the 2, 3 oldest ferries in the last years and all ferries are often fullbooked and Honfleurs capacity would be nearly identically with AKKA - but also here the price for Honfleur is much higher than for the own cheap chinese newbuildings.
Irish Ferries need urgent 2 (or better 3) new or used ferries. Honfleur would be a good choice including option for an extension with 30m, 40m, 50m in the future (then it would be similar to the ordered and canceled FSG 777) - but it seems so that Irish will buy or charter instead used ferries from the mediteranean sea which are available soon (Moby Wonder, Moby Aki, Bithia, Janas, Athara etc. - maybe also the Star from Tallink) = a much cheaper solution.
Brittany will not pay now maybe 20, 30 or 40% more as for the identically original ordered ferry and has ordered instead more E-Flexer from Stena.
DFDS has informed some month ago that they will buy 1 new Ropax ferry (for the Brexit-Bypass-Route to Ireland) in 2022, but there is until today no info that this could be the Honfleur - and also here is the question if DFDS want to pay much more than for the cheap chinese Luna/Aura newbuildings... .
Baja Ferries in Mexico is the big question. Her old ferry from 1992 is since longtime officially for sale, now offered down to the scrap-price only and last year they announced to buy 2 new (or modern used) ferries so soon as possible, one for to replace the old ferry and the other for new routes in the carribean sea. Honfleur would be perfect for Baja, right size, right capacity, right accomodation (Baja has also a mix of cabins and Pullman-seats) available now directly "today" - but maybe also for Baja Ferries the price of Honfleur is too high ?

So i am sure that really the price is the problem... . To buy the Honfleur is now too expensive for all ferry-companies, no buyer in the last years, no buyer today, no buyer tomorrow ? Maybe SIEM can start a new own "Siem-Line" for a couple of years until anybody is interested to buy (or longterm-charter) then this ferry (used = for a lower price) ? Sounds curiously, but is better than to park the ferry now for some years in Poland... (ca. 3 month are already over... - but in fact nearly 1 year because now it is too late for the high-season this year). F.ex. the ports of Hanko (in Finland) and Kolobrezg (in Polen) are very strong interested to get a new ferry-line "whatever it costs" so soon as possible - so maybe they will offer very low symbolic port-fees only, free ramps etc. for a new ferry-company. With cheapest flag and cheapest crew maybe these new thinkable route with 1 ferry every 2nd day in ca. 20 hours could be a good faster low-price alternative to Finnlines Travemünde-Helsinki. Then after some years SIEM could sell the route including the ferry, if Siem can "steal" maybe 10, 15 or 20% of the Finnlines-customers - maybe then Stena, DFDS or Finnlines are interested to buy this route in a couple of years... .